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Youtube Clips

Teacher Skit
We filmed this skit for our Social Issues Class. While not designed to be shown to students, it is a perfect resource/activity for teaching teachers about racism in the classroom. Part 1: Part 2: The Activity involves the following. Show part one to a group of educators, then have them break into groups and formulate a response. Then show them part two and discuss any similarities or differences that arise.

Where is the love
This video features information and images set to "Where is the Love?" by the Black Eyed Peas. While the images are slightly disturbing, the content is laid out very well. The music will help students relate to the topic and keep them interested while they watch. *deals with mature subject matter; viewer discretion advised

Racism. Stop it!
This is a very short video featuring eight different children speaking the same words at the same time. This video is better suited for younger ages as it features young children and very simple language.

Stop Discrimination
This video is a short clip about fighting all different types of discrimination. It is set to music and features words over moving and changing images.

This video shows different colours and discusses how the world is not beautiful without a diversity of different shades and colours. It is set to music and features some beautiful imagery.

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