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Recommended Field Trips

Chinese Canadian Military Museum

  • A tour of the museum can be arranged, and it can include tours of Chinatown.
  • The only museum in Canada dedicated to preserving the history of Chinese Canadians in Canada’s Armed Forces
  • Visitors will find a wide range of photographs, documents, and artifacts which help tell the story of Chinese-Canadian soldiers in both world wards and in conflicts since then.

Nikkei Place (National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre)

  • The National Nikkei Heritage Centre promotes a better understanding and appreciate by all Canadians of Japanese Canadian culture and heritage
  • Offers special events and weekly programs

Japanese Canadian National Museum

  • Holds exhibitions and special events
  • Has special school programs:
  • A Long Road Outreach Presentation: an hour-long school visit presents an illustrated talk on Japanese Canadian history with props and engaging activities; supports Grade 5 or Grade 11 BC Social Studies Curricula.
  • Taiken field trip: 2-hour exploration of Japanese Canadian history. Students will have a chance to meet an internment survivor, explore the historical exhibits and more; suitable for either Grade 5 or Grade 11 BC Social Studies curricula and can be adapted to meet other learning requirements and levels
  • Japan Expo field trip: 2-hour field trip, filled with fun Japanese cultural activities without actually flying to Japan! Local community members share their expertise with students about Japanese customs and culture. Activities will vary, but may include traditional tea ceremony, origami, and kimono.

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

  • School tours are recommended for Grades 5-12 and include an interactive tour of the exhibit and a workshop on the film Pigeon about moral decision-making during the Holocaust.
  • Tours are 90 minutes in length.
  • Classes visiting the VHEC will receive a set of Holocaust survivor memoirs, courtesy of the Azrieli Foundation.

Museum of Vancouver

  • The museum of Vancouver has many different permanent and temporary exhibits that are informative for students. This museum is an excellent resource for several reasons. First, it is highly focused on Vancouver and therefore features ideas, images, and peoples that are familiar to students. This also means that it is highly relevant to our local context. Finally, because Vancouver is a port city in a multicultural country, it has a rich history of problems and solutions created by race and racial conflicts.

Chinatown or Japantown

Local blog regarding cultural events and festivites within the lowermainland

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