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Marking Scheme

The first project will be marked out of 30. we anticipate that only a few projects will get 30/30. 10 marks for each of the following:

It Works! [10 Marks]

  • 10 — All TA interaction works, even when the TA is trying to break it (within the limits of what it is supposed to do).
  • 8 — Reasonable TA interactions, and all of the prepared interactions work
  • 6 — Some of the TA interactions and all of the prepared interactions work
  • 4 — None of the TA interactions and all of the prepared interactions work (or some of the TA and some of the prepared interactions).
  • 2 — Little of the prepared interaction works

The "something extra" was significant! [10 Marks]

  • 10 — "Wow! that is really good"
  • 8 — The something extra was interesting
  • 6 — Minimal extra
  • 4 — Nothing beyond what was given in assignments or covered in class
  • 2 — Even simpler than the assignments or in class

Science and Reproducibility [10 Marks]

  • 10 — Conclusions were justified by the evidence, and the code was well documented and would be easy to extend
  • 8 — Conclusions were mostly justified, and code documentation was reasonable with the meaning of all functions and data declarations clearly specified
  • 6 — Conclusions were weak or not fully justified by the evidence, minimal documentation
  • 4 — Weak conclusions and poor documentation
  • 2 — Superficial conclusions and non-existent documentation