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Authors: Alice Zhu, Sophia Chen, Dayoung (Dorothy) Min Team: Super Flying Racoon Team

What is the problem?

Pacman is an arcade game in which the objective is to collect all the fruits available in a closed maze to accumulate points, while avoiding (a) enemy ghost(s) that roam around the map. Pacman loses a life whenever a ghost collides into him (ie: when a ghost and Pacman are in the same unit in the maze) and the game is over when Pacman loses all of his lives or eats all of the fruits.

What is the something extra?

  • Cool UI
  • Keeps track of points
  • Temporary special abilities for Pacman when he eats all biscuits or reaches certain number of points
  * Gain extra lives

What did we learn from doing this?

We learned that using generating random numbers is difficult, and trying to convert from IO Int to Int is not suggested. We learned more Haskell syntax and functions. Importing modules using cabal is also helpful. We also learned that even with the same Haskell code, macs and window computers would compile and run the program at different speeds. It is fun creating a game with which the user can interact with dynamically.