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Language of Love: Programming is a 4 Letter Word

Authors: Wenyue (Wenny) Jiang, Michelle Kong

What is the problem?

"Language of Love: Programming is a 4 Letter Word" is a text-based parody dating sim / role-playing game where the player attempts to woo the hearts of characters by selecting the correct action/speech options that will put them in a character's favour.

Possible characters:

  • Java: The popular and independent one
  • Haskell: The powerful and functional one
  • Prolog: The logical and elusive one


What is the something extra?

  • Ability to woo multiple characters
  • Multiple "endings" depending on how many points the player has scored for a certain character
  • Ability to check the state of the relationship with characters
  • UI implemented using Threepenny-gui

What did we learn from doing this?

Overall, Haskell and IO are adequate to implement our game. Since each character has point values, it allowed us to easily add or subtract points depending on the user's selected option for the scenarios. The point values are also useful to calculate the user's relationship status with each character.

We learned that Threepenny-gui is a great framework to build a GUI as it is easy to install and use.

Other things we learned:
- Data types and how to link them together to work
- Downfalls due to Haskell's lack of side effects
- Input validation
- Flow of game states
- How to retain player info/choices