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Project Dionysus

Authors: Raymond Luo, Si Hang Xie


Much like it's Prologue predecessor Dionysus, V2 is a natural language algorithm that evaluates the emotional sentiments of a sentence. This system provides an additional dimension for machines to "understand" human languages by associating words with contexts and emotional values.

Version 2.0 of Dionysus will be implemented in Haskell.

Project Breakdown

Project Dionysus V2 has the following major components:

  • A dictionary that includes the major emotional correlations of common words
  • An algorithm that deciphers a natural language sentence into individual terms
  • An algorithm that calculates the contextual information of a sentence

When properly implemented, the system will be capable of the following:

  • Parse a given sentence
  • Determine the major emotional correlations of a common word
  • Determine the general sentiment of a given sentence
  • Be generic enough to allow for modifications of sentiment rules for words

Project Conclusion

Dionysus V2 will attempt to replicate the results of the original Dionysus.