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Restaurant Finder

Author : Leslie Liang, Ruofei Du, Bryan Jiang

What is the problem?

Finding the perfect restaurant can sometimes be difficult when you have many criteria and limited availabilities. Search engines like yelp or zomato offer a zillion filters but clicking through them can be tiresome. We aim to create a natural language interface so that you can ask questions like "Which sushi restaurant in Kitsilano can accomodate a large group at 8pm on Fridays?" or "What late night cafe in Dunbar has free wifi?".

What is something extra?

when the user is interested to find the best restaurant in a place. the query will return all restaurants while ranking them from the best to worst

What did we learn from doing this?

For this application using prolog is feasible and convenient. It streamlines the process of clicking through multiple options and filters. Complex queries can be problematic if sentence structure is not ideal. The way databases are set up in prolog is not the most intuitive if there are a lot of elements.

Link to Code