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Authors: Graham Brown, Tyler Young, Yasmeen Akbari

Migration from PrologLinter, as that project proved too difficult to start.

What is the problem?

Increasing your vocabulary is difficult, as is increasing your spelling accuracy. That is why we are creating a prolog based version of Hangman! It will work with one or two players, and keep track of all letters guessed, correct matches, and lives left. Ascii art of a hangman will be a stretch goal.

What is the something extra?

In addition to the features mentioned above, we want to allow a user to pick a word difficulty:

  • Easy - Two to five letters
  • Medium - Six to seven letters
  • Hard - Eight to ten letters
  • Medical - Medical words only; not found in the common dictionary.

What did we learn from doing this?

  • How to create a loop
  • How to declare and use a dynamic value
  • How to have an interactive prompt
  • How to print variables
  • How to have functions with an arity of zero
  • How to retract and assert dynamic variables in order to achieve state