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Problem set generator

Authors: Hisham Al Hashmi, Alessandro Hardjono, Nicholas Kimo Kawanto

What is the problem?

A problem set generator that can connect to a SQL database to retrieve questions and generate a problem set with categories such as subject, difficulty, estimated time of completion, etc. And an autograder that can take the attempted problem set and return the grade achieved by the student.

What is the something extra?

  • You can set the number of questions and their difficulty, and the program will generate a set of problem sets unique to each student.
  • We will also be working with a SQL server to retrieve the questions from the problem bank.

What did we learn from doing this?

  • Learned about creating connections and querying MySQL server using Haskell
  • Learned various MySQL types, understanding type conversions, catching errors on attempting on parsing from one type to another
  • Learned about using external packages (hoogle was a great help)
  • Learned about IO in-depth

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