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Haskell Minesweeper

Authors: Declan Herbertson and Caleb Tran

What is the problem?

We want to play Minesweeper during 312 class time -- so we are investigating how haskell can handle the random variation and structure of the game.

What is the something extra?

The player will be able to specify the size of the board and the number of bombs and several other settings -- which will be generated at playtime and we will implement a rich GUI

Users can also flag position where they think are bombs. There is also comprehensive error handling so it CANNOT be broken

What did we learn from doing this?

We learned that functional languages are incredibly adept at handling event or turn based games. The simplicity of updating the state in response to an event and rendering the game from a state is much easier than the equivalent procedural program

Links to code etc

github: link