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Directed Studies in Applied Animal Biology
APBI 497
Instructor: Chris McGill
Office: McML 191
Office Hours:
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Course Overview

Two (2) to six (6) credits can be awarded for successful completion of the course APBI 497 (A-E). The credit level of the course must be determined prior to the start of the course.


  • Data collection may be a part of a directed study but it is not a course requirement
  • Oral presentation of the final report is not required
  • Marking of the final report must include one other faculty member other than the academic supervisor.

Student Responsibility

The student is responsible for the following:

  • The Directed Studies application form must be completed before the student can be registered in the course. Students must provide their signed APBI 497 form with signatures, to the APBI Program Coordinator prior to the start of their directed study.
  • A 1 & 1/2 page outline of the work covered in the course (after discussion with the academic supervisor) should be presented 2 weeks after the course start date.
  • The student is to meet with the supervisor once every two weeks.
  • The final report should be 20-25 pages double spaced, single sided, 12 point font.
  • Alternate formats for the final report may be accepted but must be approved at time of registration.


  • The marking scheme is up to the supervisor in discussion with the student.
  • The student may opt to do a final presentation that comprises no more than 10% of the final mark.

Sample marking scheme:

  1. 90% final paper, 10% final presentation, for students not working in the field.
  2. 80% final paper for students working in the field, 10% field-mentor based evaluation, 10% final presentation.