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Principles of Wildlife Management in Forests and Agricultural Environments
APBI 495
Section: 001
Instructor: Kristen Walker
Office: MCML 180c
Office Hours: TBA
Class Schedule: Tue/Thu 9:30-11:00
Classroom: MCML 258
Important Course Pages
Lecture Notes
Course Discussion

Course Description

This course focuses on the analysis of population dynamics of wildlife species and their impacts on forest- and agro-ecosystems. It covers a variety of topics exploring the impacts of wildlife on crop productivity in temperate and tropical environments, the history of rodent pests, the resiliency of wildlife populations to conventional control methodology, adoption of innovative methods to reduce crop damage, and the impact of introduced species on native faunas. Human-wildlife conflict and ethical consideration will also be discussed. Class datasets will be available for analysis and preparation of detailed technical/scientific reports. Readings, interactive instructor-class discussions, and student-led discussions comprise the weekly class time. Course readings will be available on Canvas.

Course Syllabus

Link to updated course syllabus: Syllabus - Fall 2018 (pdf)