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APBI 322 Horticulture Techniques
APBI 322
Section: TBA
Instructor: Allison McCabe
Office Hours:
Class Schedule: Lecture: MWF 9-10am

Lab: W 1-4pm

Classroom: Lecture: MCML 154

Lab: MCML 258 or Horticulture Bldg

Important Course Pages
Lecture Notes
Course Discussion

Course Description

APBI 322 introduces the student to a variety of horticultural activities/techniques and their scientific underpinnings (with some economic consideration). Some emphasis is placed on the set-up and hands-on applications such as propagation (including budding/grafting), pruning (eg. fruit systems), mixing soil/artificial media and balancing fertilizers/nutrient levels (includes the use of hydroponics and tissue culture). These horticulture techniques will be suitable/adaptable for use in diverse crop systems (garden, orchard, nursery, and glasshouse). Some consideration will be given to the anatomical/physiological plant processes being affected/manipulated by the techniques used (eg. altered source-sink relations, plant hormones, callus growth, adventitious root development, etc.). Field trips will be short/local (eg. UBC Farm) due to time constraints, but will comprise a component of the course and where possible, hands-on application of various techniques will be demonstrated and practiced in the field by students.

Course Objectives

Students will be expected to be familiar with commercially important horticulture activities/techniques and the fundamental principles that underlie them. Students will be expected to interact respectfully with others in our community-of-learners, including colleagues, instructors, farmers, and professional horticulturists.

Students will be examined on class and lab theoretical material and also assessed on both written and practical assignments (eg. specialized crop production and propagation and greenhouse crop maintenance). Short quizzes will be completed at the beginning of classes (random dates). Short field trips will be included.

Evaluation Scheme Percentage of Grade
Quizzes 5%
Midterm examination 20%
Labs: written and practical assignments 40%
Final Examination 35%
TOTAL: 100%

Recommended Textbook: Hartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation - softcover and hardcover editions are available in the UBC Bookstore. Suggested readings to be advised.

Tentative Schedule

See Course:APBI322/Schedule

Lab reports and assignment details and due dates to follow.