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APBI 210/BIOL 210
Biology of Vascular Plants
APBI 210
Instructor: Shona Ellis, BioSci 2508
Dr. Sean Graham, BioSci 2109

Office: As Above
Office Hours: TBA
Class Schedule: TBA
Classroom: TBA
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Course Description

This course is designed to introduce you to the major lineages of vascular plants, including the ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants. You will be introduced to basic plant structure and diversity, as well as topics in plant evolution. An understanding of vascular plants is essential for global citizens with interests in biodiversity, ecology, agriculture, forestry, medicine and biochemistry.


Biology of Plants, 7th Edition, by Raven, Evert, and Eichhorn (2005).


The course website is hosted by Connect, and contains a wealth of useful information, including lecture outlines and diagrams, information about labs, images, and interesting links. Access the website through and signing in using your campus-wide login.


The labs are an essential element of this course. They provide you with the opportunity to explore and supplement (touch, see, understand) much of the information presented in lecture. You must come to the lab during the first week of classes. Please bring money for the lab fee to receive your lab manual. You should also bring your textbook to lab.

Grading Plan

Assignment Weight
Lecture In-class Test (1) 12%
Lecture In-class Test (2) 12%
Lecture Final Examination 23%
Laboratory Midterm 18%
Laboratory Final Examination 25%
In-class Clicker Assignments 2%
Assignments & Connect Quizzes 8%

NOTE: Course policy for in-class tests and lab midterm. These may only be missed in the event of a fully documented medical emergency. Alternative times for midterm make-up exams will be discussed with the lecturers. Those who miss the lab midterm will have additional stations added to their lab final exam that cover pre-midterm material.

Course Overview

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