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ANTH 213
Instructor: Elif Sari
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Welcome to the Wiki Page Group Project space for ANTH 213: Sex, Gender, and Culture.

This assignment asks you to form a group and create a Wiki page focused on a concept related to our course, such as marriage, family, patriarchy, normativity, representation, resistance, and so on.

The objective is to utilize your learning and knowledge from this course to develop accessible public knowledge about one of these concepts, identify and synthesize anthropological approaches to it, and analyze how it contributes to our understanding of different aspects of sex, gender, and culture

About the Wiki Project

The groups will consist of 5 students. The suggested length of this Wiki page is around 6000-6500 words, with each group member responsible for approximately 1000-1200 words, composing an individual section. Additionally, the group will collectively write an Introduction, which introduces their concept and provides a brief overview of their sections.

When deciding how to structure your Wiki page and determine your individual sections, it’s important to have a consistent and coherent narrative arc. You should brainstorm as a group to determine how this concept relates to the ideas of sex, gender, and culture, and how you can compile those connections under broader themes.

For example, if your focus is on "marriage," you can structure your Wiki page around four thematic sections:


1)    The colonial roots of heterosexual marriage,

2)    Influence of migration and citizenship on marriage regulations,

3)    Interconnectedness of marriage with political economy and labor dynamics, and

4)    The impact of plural marriages and/or queer(ing) marriage on existing gender hierarchies.

Each section should be informed by anthropological approaches to these themes and questions, and the the relevance of each section to the main course subjects (sex and gender) should be clear and visible.

Group Work

Each group will consist of 5 students. The group will work together to identify and confirm the thematic focus of each student’s contribution. Each student will then individually author their section of the Wiki. At the same time, the group will work together to coauthor a brief introduction to the page as a whole, which provides basic information about the concept, and summarizes the individual contributions in an integrated manner. The shared introduction should include at least one photo, artwork, or other form of visualization to draw readers in and illustrate the page as a whole. A shared reference list will be created at the end of the page through use of the Wiki citation tool. Each student will insert their own references, and the tool will generate the integrated list at the end of the page.

Individual Work

Each student must individually author a Wiki section of approximately 1000-1200 words that draws upon at least 3 external sources (academic sources from outside of the syllabus and/or NGO or government reports, multimedia resources, online interviews, news articles etc.); and at least 3 sources from the course syllabus.

Each student will choose a primary thematic question as the focus of their contribution to their group’s Wiki page (see the marriage example above). Taken together, each group’s work should comprise a substantial body of knowledge about that chosen concept, anthropological approaches to it, and its connections to broader themes in the field of sex, gender, and culture. Imagine your audience to be fellow UBC students who are not in this class; thus, anything you include in your Wiki entry should be explained, defined, and discussed clearly & cited properly.

Each student’s section should:

·       Be approximately 1000-1200 words

·       Focus on one thematic aspect of the chosen concept

·       Include a section heading (a sub-title) that clearly indicates their theme: for example: ‘Anthropological Approaches to Love,’ ‘Love among Youth,’ ‘Love and (Dis)ability,” “Promiscuous Love.’

·       Contain at least 6 linked citations, including 3 sources from any part of the course syllabus and 3 external sources. More citations are fine if relevant to the theme.

·       Connect to the group’s overall approach as articulated in the co-authored Introduction

Your project will be graded both as a group (entire project) & individually (based on the section you write).

Project Timeline

STEP 1 | FORMING A GROUP & CHOOSING A CONCEPT Week 8 (March 5-7): Review the provided list of concepts (below) and select the concept you'd like to explore. On Canvas > People > Groups, sign yourself up in the group for the topic of your choice. If you do not sign up by Monday March 11, I will randomly assign you to a group. You cannot change groups after Monday. Get in touch with people in your group on Canvas by the end of the week.

List of concepts:

-       Body

-       Normativity

-       Patriarchy

-       Love

-       Family

-       Marriage

-       Reproduction

-       Migration & Citizenship

-       Representation

-       Resistance


Week 9 (March 12- 14): In your group, discuss how you individually are planning to approach the topic and what you will contribute to the final Wiki page. Each group member is responsible for the research and writing of their own section of the page. Talk with your group members about your idea and which articles you want to draw from.


Week 10 and Week 11 (March 19-28): Write up your individual section. During these 2 weeks, I recommend exchanging your drafts with each other both to make sure everyone is working their section in a timely manner as well as to give each other feedback.


Week 12 (April 2-4): Discuss with your group how you want to introduce the concept. A short (200-300-word) paragraph written collectively introduces the whole Wiki entry. Everyone must equally contribute to this paragraph that represents your group’s approach to the whole concept and introduces very briefly your individual sections. It is important that you discuss among yourselves how the sections fit together. As you write this short paragraph, also keep developing and revising your individual sections.


Week 13 (April 9-11): this is the last stage where you will prepare for submission: proofread the entire Wiki entry, do final edits, and find images & visuals that go well with the page


April 12 (hard deadline): submit your assignments by the end of the day.