Common Energy/Event Food Session

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UBC Common Energy Sustainability Workshop - October 26 & 27, 2011

Workshop on Food

  • Speaker: Steve Golob, Head Chef at Vanier, UBC Food Services (
  • Money, engagement, commitment, and status quo are significant obstacles
    • Relationship with suppliers and distributors: money talks - refuse unsustainable materials!
    • Strategic location of bins and colourful, language-appropriate signs!
  • Elminate portion packs
  • Eating healthy reduces externalities (e.g. health issues, hospital)
  • Ten Steps to Eating Sustainable
  • Judge food demands
  • Recycle as much as possible - things you don't know consider putting it into storage open for future opportunities
    • Reuse of pails (ketchup, mayonnaise)
  • Buy bulk
  • Find balance between sustainability and student demand
  • Once you visually see how the process works, people can buy into it
  • Direct contact with suppliers means providing line of credit, PO number, payment date; alternatively order through UBC Food Services or AMS who have influence to cut costs or get deals
    • For raw ingredients, there are legal liabilities
  • Local sustainable food choices:
    • UBC Farm: can combine social event with getting local sustainable food
    • Agora- student, volunteer-run cafe in LFS building
    • Sprouts: allows anyone to order at cost from their distributors, anything from organic produce to grains, granola, toilet paper, biodegradable dog poopy bags.
    • Terra Breads: free day old bread!