Cms/domain mapping

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To move your sites domain from one site to another you need to into just update your domain mapping settings.

This only works if you site domain is already pointing to a site on CMS platform. If this is not the case please read about going live with your site.

Before you domain map the new site:

  • Check for any referenced to the old site temporary domain in you new site. This is usually no the case for sites that were exported and imported.
  • Make sure that your site privacy settings are set to properly.
  • Do a final QA of the site before going live. A site Quality Assurance entails going to each of the pages and clicking around, viewing the site in a mobile browser and tablet.

Steps for domain mapping the new site

  1. Delete the current domain mapping setting on your live existing site.
  2. Then add the domain the the domain mapping setting the the current site.
  3. Done

Please note: that this can cause a momentary disturbance to your site visitors. So it might be a good idea to do it during time that your site is not being used as much. Such as weekend or early morning.

After you domain map the new site:

  • Setup redirection rules. The urls of the pages might have changed, especially if your new site also involved a architecture change. Setting up redirection rules will redirect users to the appopriate on thew new site instead of seeing a 404 error. more on the redirection plugin
  • Retire the old site. ( Its a good idea to think about what you want to do with the old site. ) It is suggested that you changed the privacy setting to be at least not indexable by search engines.
  • Have a party you just launched a new site!