Checkers (Sofia, Joey)

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Contents 1 What is the problem? 2 What is the something extra? 3 What did we learn from doing this? 4 Links to code etc

What is the problem? We will implement a terminal based checkers game to compare to how this is done with Haskell, as we did during project 1.

What is the something extra? We will try to implement an AI to play against. We will have an easy level, where random moves will be generated to play again, and an advanced level where the AI will be implemented. Further we add the functionality that when a playing piece reaches the opposite side of the board, it will turn into a king to show the differentiation of pieces within the game.

What is the in-depth aspect you will do? If the problem is related to some other group's project, tell us how they fit together. If in doubt, include the information.

What did we learn from doing this? (This should be written after you have done the work.) What is the bottom-line? Is functional programming suitable for (part-of) the task? Make sure you include the evidence for your claims.

Links to code etc