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The Computer Science Education Reading Group hasn't yet been scheduled for 2010W1, but stay tuned! We typically discuss three papers of a common theme every week: one from the general education literature, one from the CS education literature, and one 'Star Trek' paper detailing a CS educator who boldy went where no educator had gone before. Anyone is welcome to attend in a particular week provided they have read at least one of the papers for that week.

To get updates on upcoming discussions, subscribe to cssei-interest at cs.ubc.ca. This is where papers are posted; this page is not regularly maintained. Some old papers for the group are available at the CSSEI blog, and on the old tWiki page.

Upcoming Schedule

See mailing list.

A Sample of Past Discussions

Date Theme Discussion Leader Papers
Oct 22 Thinking from Outside the CS Box Ray
  • What can computer science learn from a fine arts approach to teaching? (Barker, Garvin Doxas and Roberts)
  • The computer science debate: it's a matter of perspective (Lewis and Smith)
  • Inventing to Prepare for Future Learning: The Hidden Efficiency of Encouraging Original Student Production in Statistics Instruction (Schwartz and Martin)
  • CS0++ Broadening Computer Science at the Entry Level (Cushing, Hastings, and Walter)
Oct 15 Problem Solving Wendy and Ray
  • Abstract, Diagram and Definition of Problem Solving (McKracken)
  • Problem Solving Skill Evaluation (Adams & Wieman)
Oct 8 Assignments Steve
  • Learning Writing by Reviewing (Phys students write/review papers; Cho et al; CSCL 2007)
  • How People Learn, 96-99
  • Poogle (Head and Wolfman)
Oct 29 Curriculum and Curriculum Change Ben
  • What Drives Curriculum Change? (Gruba et al)
  • The Handbook for Curriculum Assessment (Wolf, Hill and Evers)
  • A Methodology for the Design of Courses in IS (Bryant)

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