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Authors: Devyani McLaren & Alexander Mountain

What is the problem?

Creating a COGS: computer science stream degree planner. To create a degree planner that help plan your degree, specifically for the COGS: Computer Science Stream. You can query the planner about specific questions you have about the degree, with questions such as: "How many credits is course phil 220?" or "What faculty is course cpsc 110 in?" etc.

What is the something extra?

This program was designed to improve upon other degree planners, where more attention could have been given to the natural language querying aspects, in terms of improved grammar and syntax.

What did we learn from doing this?

Prolog is unlike any coding language we have encountered thus far. It's very important to have a strong knowledge base, especially if you are looking at other knowledge bases as inspiration. Also, it is difficult to "pass parameters" through other functions in prolog, since that is not the nature of the language. Prolog is very useful for constraint based systems because it is easy to implement rules. Therefore, it is actually a useful language for designing the foundation of a degree planner or navigator.

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