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(See also the interactive version...)

Blogs role in the PLE

Choosing a theme

  • You can always change it! and it keeps your content and displays it in a different way!
  • Look for "custom image" header in the description when looking for a theme (it means you can design and upload your own header image/logo)

- Not an image editing wiz - use a theme that supports custom header image [1]

  • What do you intend to do? Do you need sidebars?


  • "widget-ready" - fave widgets...



And commenting!

Google Blogsearch is a powerful mechanism for finding like-minded bloggers... not least for...

The power of positive narcissism -

Complementary services (are you sure you want to blog?)

Microblogging, network effects:,,

Photoblogging - Flickr - - linklogging... powerful network (