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Linear Programming
Linear programming simplex.png
Section: 921
Instructor: Tali Pinksky
Office: Math 229a
Office Hours: Wed 1-2 pm
or by appointment
Class Schedule: Tue-Thu-Fri 2-4 pm,
Wed 2-3 pm
Classroom: Math Annex 1100
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These are weekly assignments that are to be handed (almost) every Wednesday in class. I will put up an exercise corresponding to each lecture, to make it easier for you to keep track of the fact you have gone through all the relevant material. Looking through your notes from that class should provide you with most of the information you need for solving the exercise. Use the log on the main course page to look up the material in the textbook or additional resources. If you have a justified reason not to make it to class you can email me to ask for an extension. Please do not email me any scanned assignments.

Assignment Due Solution
Week 1 Wednesday, May 20 Solution 1
Week 2 Wednesday, May 27 Solution 2
Week 3-4 Wednesday, June 10 Solution 3
Week 5 Tuesday, June 16 [Solution 4]
Week 6 Practice only Solution 6