A guide to Spanish Language Open Access Journals on Library Studies

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The Internet has changed the way we exchange information and knowledge, creating a global and interactive virtual space where all boundaries are challenged. In the last decade, the Open Access model has shaped this premise for the academic world to take the most out of it. According to Berlin’s Declaration http://oa.mpg.de/lang/en-uk/berlin-prozess/berliner-erklarung/ ―an essential framework for Open Access―this paradigm is a “comprehensive source of human knowledge and cultural heritage that has been approved by the scientific community”. This fair dissemination of knowledge means that information is made broadly available to society.

In an effort to allow an egalitarian, unrestricted and fair access to knowledge, Open Access Journals have made it possible for readers all over the world to freely access research created everywhere and in every possible language.

There are Open Access journals for every imaginable field, and library studies are not an exception. We can narrow our focus even more and find library and information science Open Access journals specifically produced in Spanish. That is, in fact, the goal of this document: To offer an overview of Spanish Open Access journals in the field of library and information science. These journals are addressed to librarians from Latin America and Spain who might be working in a Spanish-speaking country or abroad.


There are many ways of finding Open Access Journals published in Spanish. A database like the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) is a great starting point; the fact that you can search the database by subject makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, leaving the language exploration as a second step of your search.

Many of the Spanish-language Open Access Journals are indexed in multiple databases, both local and international. The following is a list of general resources; depending on your specific search, these resources could be more or less efficient.

  • Academic OneFile
  • Conacyt – Database of Mexican Research Journals on Science and Technology
  • DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals
  • EBSCO – Academic Resources
  • e-revist@s
  • HAPI - Hispanic American Periodicals Index
  • INFOBILA – Information and Library Studies in Latin America
  • ISA
  • JCR - Journal Citation Reports
  • LAPTOC - Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents
  • LATINDEX – Regional System of online information on scientific journals in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
  • Latindex (Catalogue section)
  • LISA - Library and Information Science Abstracts
  • LISTA - Library Information Science and Technology Abstract
  • LL - Library Literature Information Science Full Text
  • Pascal-Francis
  • PKP - Public Knowledge Project's Metadata Archive.
  • SciELO
  • SSCI - Web of Science: Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Ulrich's Periodicals Directory



Información, Cultura y Sociedad

ISSN/EISSN: 15148327 18511740

No publication fee


The Library Studies Institute in the School of Literature and Philosophy at Universidad de Buenos Aires publishes Información, Cultura y Sociedad in Spanish and Portuguese since 2002. This Argentine journal, published twice a year, focuses on original research work on the production, registration, preservation, circulation and use of information. The journal aims to serve as a gathering space for the library and information science professionals and as an interdisciplinary forum for discussion. Even though Información, Cultura y Sociedad revolves mostly around research developed in Spain and Latin America, it is open to the international research community.


Serie Bibliotecología y Gestión de Información

ISSN/EISSN: 07190832

No publication fee


The journal Serie Bibliotecología y Gestión de Información was created in 2005 by the School of Information Management at Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, and it intends to support academic productivity and all research made by documentation and information science professionals. The journal is mostly addressed to Chilean professional librarians and archivists working in Latin America.


Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología

ISSN/EISSN: 01200976

No publication fee


The Universidad de Antioquia’s Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología, created in 2000, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal addressed to librarians, archivists and information specialists. It publishes original research papers in Spanish, English or Portuguese, mostly originated in Latin America. This Colombian journal is four-monthly and although it can be purchased in print, it is freely available online.

Costa Rica

e-Ciencias de la Información

ISSN/EISSN: 16594142

No publication fee


Launched in 2011 and published in Spanish twice a year, e-Ciencias de la Información is an electronic academic journal prepared by the School of Library Studies and Information Sciences at Universidad de Costa Rica. Its primary objective is promoting research on information science areas such as information systems, information technology, library studies, mass communication, information policy, copyright, research methodology, statistical analysis, and archives studies.


Investigación Bibliotecológica

ISSN/EISSN: 0187358X

No publication fee


The Library and Information Studies Institute at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México publishes Investigación Bibliotecológica in a four-monthly basis since 2005, both in English and Spanish, and it includes research work related to library and information science, mostly created in Mexico, Latin America and Spain.


Alexandría: Revista de Ciencias de la Información

ISSN/EISSN: 18120962 19911653

No publication fee


Alexandri@ is an electronic peer-reviewed journal devoted to the information sciences. A group of students from Peru’s Pontificia Universidad Católica started it out in 2004 as an informative bulletin with the goal of promoting the information trade, and by 2006 the journal had already established itself as a research publication. It currently includes research work by students, teachers and other professionals, both in Spanish and Portuguese, and its editors are trying to position the journal internationally among the best publications out there on information matters. Apart from peer-reviewed research articles, it publishes book reviews and comments on electronic resources.

Puerto Rico

Simbiosis: Revista Electrónica de Ciencias de la Información

ISSN/EISSN: 15483436

No publication fee


The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at University of Puerto Rico started publishing this journal in 2009, both in Spanish and English. Simbiosis: Revista Electrónica sobre Ciencias de la Información is published twice a year. The journal includes research papers, articles, reviews and graphic contributions related to library and archival studies, documentation and information technologies.


Enl@ce Revista Venezolana de Información, Tecnología y Conocimiento

ISSN/EISSN: 16907515

No publication fee


Since 2004, Enl@ce aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among the information and technology specialists, and also encourage scientific improvements for facing the challenges brought up by the information society of the new millennium. Enl@ce is a quarterly journal published by Venezuela’s Universidad del Zulia from a multidisciplinary perspective, and it includes scientific articles, reviews and case studies in Spanish prepared with the utmost scientific rigour.

Brazil (Journals published in Portuguese and Spanish)

BIBLOS: Revista do Instituto de Ciências Humanas e da Informação

ISSN/EISSN: 01024388 22367594

No publication fee


Brazilian journal BIBLOS: Revista do Instituto de Ciências Humanas e da Informação is a six-monthly journal which publishes papers related to the information sciences. It is edited since 2004 by teachers and students of the Human and Information Sciences Institute at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, and it accepts papers in Spanish and Portuguese on information sciences and technology.

Ciência da Informação

ISSN/EISSN: 01001965 15188353

No publication fee


IBICT, or Instituto Brasileiro de Informacao em Ciencia e Tecnologia, started publishing the quarterly journal Ciência da Informação in 1997, now with an online presence as an open source journal following the print version created in 1972 (ISSN 0100-1965). Ciência da Informação publishes original papers in Portuguese, Spanish and English presenting the results of information related research, especially linked to science and technology.

Informação & Informação

ISSN/EISSN: 14142139 19818920

No publication fee


Brazil’s Universidade Estadual de Londrina created this journal in 1996 and it has been publishing it quarterly since 2011. Informação & Informação is a scientific electronic journal managed by the graduate program of the School of Information Science. Its goal is to promote the development of research in the area of information science and the intellectual dialogue between information professionals and students working in Brazil and abroad. The journal publishes peer-reviewed submissions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Anales de Documentación

ISSN/EISSN: 15752437 16977904

Publication fee required


Universidad de Murcia’s School of Documentation and Communication publishes the journal Anales de Documentación online twice a year since 1998. The journal is peer-reviewed and is now indexed in international databases such as LISA and LISTA, in the Spanish database ISOC, in the international repositories E-LIS and Redalyc, and in the Spanish electronic journals’ list called e-revist@s. Anales de Documentación includes original work, research in translation and reviews on any subject related to information and documentation, such as library and archive’s technical processes, systems and products assessment, ethical and legal matters, mass media, etc. Interested on having an international presence, the titles, summaries and key words of this journal are also offered in English and French. Anales de Documentación accepts submissions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

BiD: Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentació

ISSN/EISSN: 15755886

No publication fee


BiD is a peer-reviewed scientific journal on information sciences and documentation published online since 1998. It is edited by the School of Library at Universitat de Barcelona, and the School of Information Sciences and Communication at Catalunya’s Universitat Oberta. This six-monthly publication is the successor of the journal Biblioteconomía, which was published in print from 1944 to 1976. BiD only includes original research work, not published before in other magazines or monographs. The journal’s papers are mostly in Catalan, but there is usually a Spanish translation and there could also be an English, French, Portuguese or Italian one. BiD focuses on papers analysing in depth subjects related to archives, libraries and documentation studies.

Cuadernos de Documentación Multimedia

ISSN/EISSN: 15759733

No publication fee


Cuadernos de Documentación Multimedia focuses on information matters which are particularly linked to technology, such as digitization of multimedia documentation, web semantics, multimedia files in the web and new technologies in general. The journal is edited and managed by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and it was born in 2003.


ISSN/EISSN: 15752275

No publication fee


The electronic journal Digithum was launched in 1999 by Fundació per la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and is addressed to humanities and social sciences’ professionals, students and researchers. Published online in Catalan, Spanish and English, Digithum accepts articles and papers of the following areas: transformations in the digital era related to the humanities and social sciences, and the repercussions of the information and communication technologies on the study and teaching of humanities. Digithum’s papers are frequently offered in Spanish and English, though the primary language of the journal is Catalan.

El profesional de la información

ISSN/EISSN: 1386-6710

No publication fee


El profesional de la información publishes research on information issues, libraries, archives and new technologies, mostly in Spanish. It was first published in print in 1992 in Barcelona, and it was first offered online in 2004 through EBSCO.


ISSN/EISSN: 16955498

No publication fee


Hipertext is a yearly peer-reviewed journal published since 2003 by Spain’s Universitat Pompeu Fabra. It accepts submissions in Spanish and English on subjects such as information technology, library and archival studies, digital documentation and interactive communication.

Métodos de Información

ISSN/EISSN: 11342838 21731241

Publication fee required


Published in Spanish and Catalan twice a year, Métodos de información (MEI) is the professional journal of Col•legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de la Comunitat Valenciana (the School of Library and Documentation Studies of Valencia). This digital journal focuses on any subject related to archives, libraries and documentation centres, and it first came online in 2010. The print period of the journal (1994-2002) is available through the digital platform as well.

Pecia Complutense: Boletín de la Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

ISSN/EISSN: 1698272X

No publication fee


Pecia Complutense was born with the goal of spreading the knowledge of the Historical Library of Madrid―created more than 500 years ago―and also for supporting the research on library studies and for promoting the daily activities of the library. Launched online in 2004, it is published in Spanish.

Revista Española de Documentación Científica

ISSN/EISSN: 02100614 19884621

No publication fee


The Revista Española de Documentación Científica, or REDC, publishes original research papers after a peer-review process. The Scientific Research Council, in charge of publishing the journal, is especially interested in the following areas: bibliometrics, information networks and systems, Internet, electronic resources, websites, science and technology indicators, journals and scientific databases’ assessments, libraries and archives, and information management. The Revista Española de Documentación Científica was first published in 1998 and its articles can be found in English and Spanish. All contents of this electronic journal are available online.

RUIDERAe: Revista de Unidades de Información. Descripción de Experiencias y Resultados Aplicados

ISSN/EISSN: 22547177

No publication fee


The Spanish journal RUIDERAe was first published in 2012 and it is edited by Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, specifically by the University Archives and Library. It offers research papers and articles originally written in Spanish, on the subjects of library studies, archives’ resources and information technology.


This wiki page was developed by Eva Quintana, student of the Master of Library and Information Studies, in partial fulfillment of requirements for LIBR 559K: Open Access, taught by Heather Morrison, at the University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archival & Information Studies.