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The first round of research has been completed for the following disciplines. They are updated (as of 20/12/09) and are ready for faculty vetting in the shared folder:

  1. Geography (Carla)
  2. English / Communications (Aldona)
  3. Sociology (Carla)
  4. Economics (Simon)
  5. Political Science (Simon)
  6. History (Aldona)

Research is currently under completion for the following disciplines according to their highest priority:

  1. Philosophy (Aldona)
  2. Psychology (Carla)

new additions (to be researched in January 2010)

  1. Law (Simon)
  2. Anthropology (Aldona)

These are the remaining disciplines, pending faculty request for priority status. '''Faculty: please place these in order of priority'''. Newly prioritized disciplines will be taken on by RAs as they complete their current research tasks:

Gender Studies





Social Work


Art History

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