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Relational Database Tables to be used in the ASRW website

Tablename: Category
Field Category CategoryDisplayName
Example Value 1 Disciplines (root) Writing in the Disciplines
Example Value 2 Psychology Writing in the discipline of Psychology
Example Value 3 English Writing in the discipline of English
Example Value 4 English-Downloads Resource Downloads
Example Value 5 English-Articles Articles
Example Value 5 History-TAP Talking-Aloud
Example Value 7 General-Interviews Interview with Faculty Members

Tablename: CategoryRelation (table that defines the tree-like hierarchical relationships between the different categories)
Field CategoryParent CategoryChild
Example Value 1 Disciplines (root) History
Example Value 2 Disciplines (root) English
Example Value 3 English English-Articles
Example Value 4 English English-Downloads
Tablename: Resource (resources are articles, video, audio recordings, animation, etc)
Field Name Citation Abstract Mini-Abstract Location ContentType FileType
Example Value 1 Writing across and against the Curriculum Title: Writing across and against the Curriculum Author: Art Young College Composition and Communication, Vol. 54, No. 3 (Feb., 2003), pp. 472-485 After reviewing my career as a teacher of composition and literature and as a writing program administrator of writing across the curriculum, I discuss ... An article about writing in the discipline of English. /Content/English/Articles/WritingAcrossAndAgainstTheCurriculum.pdf Text PDF
Example Value 2 Interview with Dr. Katharine Patterson Dr. Katharine Patterson, Chair of Arts Studies in Research & Writing, discusses the epistemology of ... An interview with Dr. Katharine Patterson regarding Arts Studies in Research & Writing /Content/General/Interviews/Patterson.avi Video AVI
Tablename: CategoryResourceRelation (this table links the resource to the category (ies) that it belongs to)
Field Category Resource
Example Value 1 English-Articles Writing across and against the Curriculum
Example Value 2 General-Interviews Interview with Dr. Katharine Patterson

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