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Cool Tool Day #7: February 1, 2012

  • Jonathan K: ShiftEdit - A free web-based IDE that syncs with FTP or dropbox. Great for web development in the lab!
  • Andrew: Greenshot and Snagit - two screenshot tools. Greenshot is free, Snagit is not, but has more features. Also Gyazo, suggested by Justin.
  • Josh: How Excel's concatenate function lets you format large data sets really quickly.
  • Jamie: Library Learning Express Resource for practice tests & skill-building [access via VPL].
  • Nicholle: Reader's Advisory Tools: Bibliocommons and NoveList
  • Trevor: Pivot Tables in Excel (if we have time I will also show you slicers and Dashboards). Perhaps one of the greatest skills you will learn on a computer because everyone will think you're a freakin' genius for something really simple!

Things people wanted to see (requests/suggestions)

  • Plain text notetaking tools (Andrew)
  • did anyone pick up citavi and use it since the last cool tool day? (Adam)