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Cool Tool Day #4: March 15, 2011

  • Kate will do a quick & dirty show and tell on how to use Mendeley Desktop to organize your Pdf library and access it across computers and devices
  • Jonathan K. can discuss using Dropbox Folder Sync and SyncToy, a couple of Windows utilities, to keep your important files backed up and accessible. (I could also talk about viewing and annotating course readings on my Android phone, but without screen-casting software, I'm not sure how I would show people my tiny screen.)
  • Mahria will talk about Markup, a doodle on top of a webpage tool and maybe touch on the best gmail labs, if the audience is right
  • Justin has returned from the internet wastes with a way to crack the DRM on your Kindle (or whatever) ebooks so you can keep them forever and ever!
  • Bonnie: Gickr photos in motion, a free online gif maker;KeepVid: download online Video and video converter.
  • Schuyler: Mac OSX Spaces for organization
  • Jonathan S.: F.Lux Changes the colour warmth of your computer display to match the appropriate lighting of your room for that time of day. May even help you sleep better!
  • Mahria: Gmail Labs "Undo Send" "Insert Images"
  • Tosha: Digital Koot Finland's National Library uses Facebook games to help digitize its archives.