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Cool Tool Day # 2: November 9, 2010

Blog recap

  • Alex -- I promise I will do some Yahoo Pipes this time around (unless somebody else wants to, in which case I'll do Mendeley or something)
  • Will -- Firebug (which is a firefox extension I'll need installed or I can use my own laptop). I will also mention Firesheep sidejacking unless someone else wants to talk about it.
  • Franklin - Super-simple way to scrape the information from SLAIS course syllabuses into a Google Spreadsheet.
  • Meghan -- cIRcle, UBC's Digital Archive--what it is and why SLAISers might want to use it
  • Catie -- Blekko and the magic of slashtags
  • Cynthia -- Foxit (PDF reader/tool which needs to be installed or I can use my laptop). For reference: article on tools to organize PDFs (talk about its editing capabilities too! --alex)
  • Tosha -- An image search engine that can use images and image content to search in addition to or instead of keywords. ( -- wasn't shown, but is a similar concept, designed to find identical image for provenance)
  • Justin -- Calibre and Manybooks - loading up an ereader for free (sadly I don't have a good easy reliable DRM cracking method for letting you own your Kindle books yet, maybe next Cool Tools day. Also, I don't have any annotation tools/methods. I just read things, damnit.)
  • Qinqin -- Wink, a lightweight screencasting tool for online tutorials development