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The Undergraduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education (UGCALE) is designed to introduce the broad field of adult learning and education to those who anticipate being involved with or who may already be designing, planning, implementing, teaching and evaluating educational and training programs for adults as part of their lifelong learning and professional practice. The certificate will appeal to people who facilitate adult learning or practice adult education in a broad array of formal, non-formal and informal settings. In particular, they will appeal to community workers, trainers in business and industry, people working in health-related fields (nutritionists, nurses, kinesiologists, dental hygienists), sports (personal trainers, coaches), teachers of English Language Learners, those involved with development work overseas, community college employees, school teachers contemplating a career in adult education or anyone thinking of entering a university graduate program in adult learning and education.Do you want to get a certificate that documents your studies in Adult Learning and Education and that is recognized by employers, but do not have the time or resources to complete the Diploma?

The UGCALE is ideal for:

  1. Students who want to pursue undergraduate studies in Adult Learning and Education at the certificate level
  2. Students who are completing their degrees at UBC in other faculties and disciplines who want to add a focus to their studies *
  3. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree in an area other than Adult Learning and Education who are taking on adult learning-related responsibilities in their current work and desire additional education related to their duties
  4. Students who want to take Adult Learning and Education courses prior to applying for an M.Ed. or M.A.

*Eligible degree programs are B.A.Sc. (Faculty of Applied Science) and B.Sc. (Faculty of Science). Students should consult with their home Faculty and/or Department prior to completing the certificate requirements to confirm their eligibility for the certificate program and the impact of completing the certificate on their progression towards their degree program. At this time, students enrolled in UBC degree programs other than those named above are not eligible to complete the Undergraduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education, but may complete the required courses as electives if permitted by their degree program.

It is possible to continue into the Adult Learning and Education Diploma Program and transfer your Certificate courses. The only exception is students who are completing the Certificate while completing their degrees at UBC in other faculties and disciplines, in which case it is not possible to transfer Certificate courses to the Diploma.

Students will complete 15 credits of coursework, including four core courses and one elective. Please see the information in Requirements below.

All core courses are offered on-line three times per year in Winter Term 1, Winter Term 2 and Summer Term 1. One of the electives – ADHE 328 – is also offered in each of these terms. Please note the other elective – EDST 493 – is usually offered once or twice per year. Please check the Student Service Centre Course Schedule for offerings of this course.