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UBC on iTunes U aims to provide access to a wide range of UBC-related audio and video content via Apple’s iTunes Store. Digital content on iTunes U is accessible through Apple's software and can be downloaded and viewed directly on any Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone,iPad, or AppleTV. (Click here to launch the account in iTunes).

Publishing via UBC's iTunes U Channel

UBC community members can request the ability to publish content on UBC's iTunes U space. To do so:

  1. create an iTunes U Apple ID.
  2. go to the iTunes U Course Manager Portal to begin creating, uploading, and managing your content.
  3. email Joe Zerdin at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) with your request and Apple ID. Your account with then be affiliated with UBC's iTunes U space.
  4. email Joe Zerdin when your material is ready to be published via the UBC space.

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