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This is the Discussion Wiki for the ASIS&T UBC Student Chapter. Please feel free to join the discussions. To sign your comments, use four tilde marks --> ~~~~. If you want to create a separate discussion page on any topic, use a forward slash to create subpages (such as Talk:ASIS&T/yourtopic).

To edit the wiki, all you need to do is log in with your CWL (Campus wide login).

Note: Some of you might be having trouble logging in to the UBC wiki from this page. Right now, I'm being redirected to a URL for 'ASIS' after I log in. If this happens to you, just return to this page manually and you should be logged in and able to edit.

NOTE: The Cool Tool Days list has been moved to its own page. Head over there to look at previous tools or sign up for upcoming Cool Tool Days.

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