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Mendeley is a combination of a desktop application and a website which helps you manage, share and discover both research content and research contacts. Like RefWorks, Mendeley allows the automatic generation of citations and bibliographies. It also contains extra features for editing and annotating PDF documents. The website version was modeled after, the social networking music site; it incorporates social features into the academic process and allows users to share references with other users or groups, share new research, discover research trends, and get recommendations based on your interests.

UBC Student Microsoft Office 365 and Mendeley Plugin for Microsoft Word

If you are using UBC Student Microsoft Office 365, and want to use Mendeley from inside Microsoft Word, you use the Mendeley Plugin. The instructions for installing the Mendeley Plugin vary for desktop and online versions of Microsoft Word. To use the Mendeley Plugin, Mac users must use online Microsoft Word whereas PC users can choose either desktop or online Microsoft Word.

Install Mendeley Plugin for Word Online (PC or Mac)

Older versions of Microsoft Office and the Mendeley Plugin

If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office (such as Microsoft Office 2016), you can still use the Mendeley plugin from inside Microsoft Word.

Public workstations with the Mendeley Plugin installed:

UBC Library's workstations have the Mendeley Plugin installed on MS Word. Visit:  This link also includes instructions for accessing the Remote Labs.

Mendeley Desktop replaced by Mendeley Reference Manager

As of Sept. 1, 2021, Mendeley Desktop was phased out and replaced by the Mendeley Reference Manager. This video gives a brief overview on the basic functions of Mendeley Reference Manager: