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File:SECTIONS Framework.pdf

The SECTIONS model is a framework for selecting and using technology developed by Bates and Poole and described in the book Effective Teaching With Technology in Higher Education. The questions defined in the original model were fairly broad and designed to

“facilitate decisions with regard to choice of technology at both the strategic and the tactical level, and also to help decide within a particular technology the most appropriate balance between different media.”

CTLT attempted to drill down within each of the broad areas defined by SECTIONS (students, ease of use, costs, teaching and learning,interactivity, organizational issues, novelty and speed) to develop some questions around the kinds of considerations that seem important to the people we work with. This is a draft tool and we’ll refine as we work with it in various contexts over the coming months. Please send any feedback to Cindy Underhill, Strategist, Learning Resources at CTLT cindy.underhill@ubc.ca. We want to know how this works for you!

If you find a tool or approach that you are interested in (more information in the e-Learning Toolkit):