Documentation:TWP2015/Syllabus/Weeks 3 & 4: Pulling It All Together: Cohesive Course Design in WordPress (2 weeks)

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In weeks 3&4, we will:

  • Understand how WordPress can support their teaching goals
  • Identify “advanced” teaching and learning functionalities in WordPress
  • Use course structure as model learning network for support
  • Experience working with WordPress and leave this course with a beginning of course/project shell


Topics to be covered in weeks 3&4 include:

  • The lifecycles of WordPress Courses: creating new sites each term, using the same site, archiving
  • Incorporation of external tools (i.e. Twitter, etc)
  • Managing content strategies: separating content from the presentation layer
  • Best practices for designing multi-platform learning pathways and minimizing confusion for students in working through multiple spaces

Learning Activities:

In weeks 3 & 4, we will:

  • Develop a teaching and learning project or activity using WordPress
  • Describe your learning project in a post on your own blog; comment on someone else's post
  • Attend an in-person drop-in clinic or synchronous video/audio chat for WordPress support
  • Provide support to your fellow participants using the course twitter hashtag or discussion forum
  • Sign up to showcase your project either on the course site or in a short video.
  • Attend showcase synchronous video/audio chat