Documentation:Digital Tattoo Student Orientation/Adding Related Pages

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On the new Digital Tattoo site, we have the ability to add related pages to each tutorial theme page. (For example: Accessing information)

  1. Go to a page that you will like to add it to related pages and press edit(For example, If I want to add "Scholarly Publish:Open Access" to Related Pages in "Accessing Information" page, edit the "Scholarly Publish:Open Access" page)
  2. (Only for the first time)At the top area of the Edit Page, there's a button called Screen Options. Click on that and make sure Custom Field is ticked.
  3. Under the visual/text editor, scroll down to Custom Field
  4. Under the name, select the custom field. Select:
    • related_online_presence  : If you are adding this page to Online Presence.
    • related_data  : If you are adding this page to Data.
    • related_online_safety : If you are adding this page to Online Safety.
    • related_digital_security  : If you are adding this page to Digital Security.
    • related_mobile  : If you are adding this page to Mobile.
    • related_accessing_information  : If you are adding this page to Accessing Information.
    • related_open_education: If you are adding this page to: Open Education.
    • related_branding_and_reputation If you are adding to Branding and Reputation.
    • related_copyright_and_openaccess if you are adding to Copyright and Open Access.
  5. After you select the appropriate custom field, under value, type in 1 . In programming language, 1 means yes or on. On the other hand 0 means no or off.
  6. Press Add Custom Field and save the page.
  7. Make sure there is a featured image on the page - The recommended image size of the featured image is: 360 × 231px.

Removing the thumbnails from Related Pages

Go to the page that you want to remove from the related Pages. You can either type in the value to 0 or delete the custom field.