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Informed by Institute facilitators' feedback, this workshop was designed to facilitate story-sharing and knowledge-exchange in building a community devoted to teaching and learning.


Location: Rm 2.22
Time: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 1 PM - 2:30 PM


Lesson Plan

Territorial Acknowledgement, Welcome, Introductions & Housekeeping

2018 Summer Institute Facilitator Development Workshop - Storytelling Agenda

(Time: 10 min; 10:00)
Thank you for taking the time to join us in sharing stories and in learning from each other's experiences.

Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge that we are gathered today on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

  • Introductions:
    • Name and role of facilitators
    • Participants: Share your name, department, and what you bring to this community of Institute Facilitators.
  • Housekeeping:
    • Washroom at the entrance of CTLT
    • Mindful of our noise level during the workshop

Story Telling

(Time: 50min; 60:00)
Before we get into actually telling our story - let’s just reflect on your experiences to identify one meaningful/transformative moment in your facilitation practice - whether it is a spectacular failure, brilliant success, or a chronic challenge you’re struggling with. Jot down a few thoughts and key details that you want to share today.

You will be sharing your stories within your small group. Each person will have the chance to be a storyteller - you will have 5 minutes to tell your story and your listeners will be responding to your story (see handout) to further process and expand the experience in order to distill learning nuggets that will inform our facilitation practice. The whole cycle will take about 15 minutes, and we will repeat this three times.

I invite you to listening with presence and curiosity. We often respond to the story with one of our own, but let’s try our best to refrain from making it our story when responding to the storyteller.

Form small groups of 3 - make sure you sit with someone you don’t know or haven’t worked with.

Story Reconstructing

2018 Summer Institute Facilitator Development Workshop - Graphic Summary

(Time: 25 min; 85:00)
On a flipchart paper, create a map/illustration/list to summarize what stood out to you in your conversation and story-sharing? Was there a theme that threaded you stories? The intention here is to enable other participants to learn from your stories without having listened to you directly.

10 minutes - share back & Deb to capture key ideas Some prompting questions:

  • What shifted for you?
  • How might your own and others’ stories change your attitude or approach to facilitation going forward?

Wrap up

(Time: 5 min; 90:00)
Please complete the formative feedback form and place it at the back of the room when you’re done.

Participant Generated Responses

2018 Summer Institute Facilitator Development Workshop - Participant Summary Group 1
2018 Summer Institute Facilitator Development Workshop - Participant Summary Group 2

Additional Resources

McKillop, C. (2005) Storytelling grows up: using storytelling as a reflective tool in higher education. Paper presented at the Scottish Educational Research Association conference (SERA 2005), 24-26 November, 2005, Perth, Scotland

Cafe To-Go Hosting Guide by The World Cafe
Facilitation Bibliography
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