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Authors: Keng-Ming Sheu, Fareez Sanif, Johnson Nguyen

What is the problem?

For project 1, we implemented a text-based adventure game game in prolog.

Now, we would like to test the feasibility of re-implementing a text-based RPG in haskell, and adding new features on top of it.

What is the something extra?

The main extra is the implementation of a combat system, where you can engage an AI-controlled monster in combat. The monster should be able to choose from a set pool of actions, and the player should be able to respond.

What did we learn from doing this?

The biggest take away from this is that it was much easier to implement this game in Prolog than Haskell as we could not define global variables. The upside was that Haskell has a much friendlier user interface than Prolog as we had to use Prolog syntax to play.

We learned how to pass all information around in functional programming, which allows us to make sure there are no side effects. We learned implement IO in Haskell and use it to make a game.