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Welcome to the Fandom Wiki

Hey everyone. Sorry about being a little late on this. Here are some webpages/articles that we found interesting and relate to the topics we will be presenting on. We don't really expect you to look at everything here, but try to look at something from each of the areas.

Must-See Transformative Works of Interest - Save the Last Dance. SGA - Interactive media project showing an WWII AU of two characters from the television show Stargate Atlantis. Trailers, movies, artefacts, podcast. - Women's Work - Supernatural vid critiquing the portrayal of women on the television show. WARNING: The video contains graphic and potentially disturbing images of violence against women. - Similar to Women's Work, but uses humor. It looks at the lack of women in the latest Star Trek film. PG-13 language. - Vogue/300 - Looking at the homosexual overtones of the staunchly heterosexual Frank Miller film - Zoetrope's Two Atoms in a Molecules. Narrative animation that combines concepts of slash, viddings, animation, and songfic. - Star Wars fanfiction that galvanized the fandom — StarKidPotter's A Very Potter Musical, it pokes fun at the plot, character development - Maybe? It's a performance of "Life of a Mary Sue" (Harry Potter-based by SkittleSama) - Steven Brust (published fantasy novelist) wrote a Firefly novel. It's fanfiction in everything but name

Communities or Webpage of Interest - Fandom Wank - The Msscribe Saga. (A great and intricate, but long read). - Trekkie Zine Culture 1967-87 - Fanthropology - Fandom at the library article

Papers About Fanfiction - For the Love of Fanfiction - Inside the World of Fandom (outsider's pov, good intro.) - Specific to the Supernatural fandom. Shows how one fandom can evolve their own vocabulary. - Guide to Fanspeak (A little old but gets the main terms down) - Anime Fandom Dictionary, with a lot of general fandom terms as well. - Transforming Fan Culture into User-Generated Content: The Case of FanLib - References to Fanfiction in the media - 12 Successful SF Authors Who've Written Racy Fanfic - A Fannish Field of Value: Online Fan Gift Culture - Meeting of Minds: Cross-Generational Conversations About Digital Ethics (Part One) - Fan Fiction as Critical Commentary - Harry Potter terminology - Cute story about a friendship that started through fanfiction - What is fandom? - The definition and history of the word. - This is fanfiction challange. not quite as strong as it once was. Each month has a theme and each day has a prompt. Awards are given out. Challenges are part of the fan fiction culture. There are tons on live journal. is one that challenge to writen 100 fanfics based on assigned themes for you're choosen fandom.

Papers About the Dark Side of Fandom - What do you guys think of this one? "How to be a Fandom Jerk in Just a Few Easy Steps" by MerlinMissy, who is awesome - Metafandom. Just pic a random essay and go.

Cosplay - This is the wiki page for cosplay and does a decent job of explaining it. - These are the rules for weapon/props for cosplay at the Anime Evolution coming up this summer at UBC - This site connects cosplayer's around the world so search photos you have to have an account, but you can search for costumes, and connect with their makers. It allows people to share tips and costume designs, photos, experiences, and up coming events.

Vidding - New York Times article about vidder Luminosity (Creator of the Supernature vid "Women's Work" and "Vogue/300") - A blog post recommending and further analyzing Women's Work. Also includes a brief history of vidding. - About the history of vidding. From the Journal for Transformative Works. - How to Watch a Fan Vid by Henry Jenkins

Boys and Fandom - ON FANDOM AND SMALLTOWN BOYS. Wolf, Matt and Taylor, Marvin J. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies; 2004, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p657-670, 14p

Role Play Games (RPG) - Example of rules of conduct for a strict RPG, Harry Potter based. - Multimedia roleplaying community on DeviantArt, Kingdom Hearts based.

Technology and Fandom - Example of boards (still used by the Star Wars fandom) - The Gossamer Project (X-Files) - The Sugar Quill (Inactive since August 2009) Ron/Hermione site - The Naughty Adult Harry Potter Site - - The largest pan-fandom site on the internet. - Example of a usenet group - SGA podfic community

Organization of Transformative Works - Main Site - Fanlore - Archive of Our Own