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INTRODUCTION[edit | edit source]

This Wikispace is a peer-produced shared resource that will evolve as students post content relating to GRSJ224. You are responsible for creating dynamic and informative wiki pages. As you add and update information throughout the semester, originality, resourcefulness, and creativity is encouraged. The wiki will be sustained for successive semesters so that the work you contribute will be available to future students.

ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION[edit | edit source]

To download and view full details of the assignment, click here.
  • Read: 7 Things you should know about Wikis
  • Choose a term from the table of contents
  • Confirm your selection of topic with your instructor by the SECOND WEEK OF CLASSES
  • Set up your wiki page.
  • Continue to work towards improving and finalizing your Wiki.
  • Consider the wiki as a whole and the usefulness of adding images and links.
  • Check your Talk page to see if your peers provided you with any useful feedback
  • Ensure your Wiki is properly cited
  • Proofread your Wiki
  • Gather resources in relevance of your discoveries to class materials.
  • Familiarize yourself with the wiki-authoring tools of Wiki Basics
  • Submit "Wikipedia Report" to your instructor in Connect

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TABLE OF CONTENTS[edit | edit source]

Democracy[edit | edit source]

Neoliberalism[edit | edit source]

Post-coloniality[edit | edit source]





  • Behind multiculturalism in British Columbia : The history of Japanese internment camp




Masculinity[edit | edit source]



LGBT Families[edit | edit source]

ARCHIVE[edit | edit source]

Here is an archive of the Wiki pages created by previous students: Archive of Wiki pages