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"Turtles All the Way Down" to As Blind As A Bat
As Light As A Feather to Cogs303/2011-2012-2
Cogs303/2013-2014-1 to Diffusion of Innovations & LMS (Teaching and Learning)
Digging into Digital Book Collections to First Nations Documentaries
First Nations Documentaries at the UBCO Library to Great Minds Think Alike
Great minds think alike to Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
Interdisciplinary Team Teaching to Local Areas
Local Documentaries to Open Case Studies/FRST522/Ghana
Open Case Studies/FRST522/India to Retention
Retiring to TA training/Overview/Pharmaceutical Sciences
TA training/Overview/Physics and Astronomy to Walter Gage Residence
War on Fun to “Chew On This”- The Business Case Behind Sustainable Food