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Why use a Wiki?

  • Collaborative platform for long term knowledge creation and refinement
  • Bring something into a more public view
  • Contribute to the community of knowledge users
  • It is flexible - it can be iterative and re-used across terms in a varying context.
  • Student as a producer model - Students can produce something of value to wider audience
  • It supports collaboration within and across groups.
  • It supports sharing in technology (for ex: embed in WordPress, create a wikibook,etc.)

Example of Assignment types

  • Creating a Collaborative fiction in Wiki
  • Creating a knowledge space
  • Creating a community resource
  • Creating a documentation
  • Editing an existing wiki article
  • Doing article analysis/critique/gap analysis
  • Translate a wiki article
  • Copyediting a wiki article
  • etc. (Please feel free to contribute to this list if you have more ideas)

Please see the How Instructors are Teaching with Wikipedia Case Studies Handout for more examples.

Choose a Wiki platform

When you are creating an assignment in Wiki, there are 2 choices to choose from:

  • UBC Wiki
  • Wikipedia

You will have to choose between 2 to find out which tool is appropriate for assignment.The diagram below will help you make decision on which tool to choose.

Please take a look at Best Practices for UBC Wiki and Best Practices for Wikipedia when you make the decision.

Wiki assignment decision tree diagram -if you click on this diagram, it will open a pdf file



  • Orientation Support: WikiEdu has orientation resources for instructors and students
  • Learner Management Support: WikiEdu will guide you on how to use WikiEdu to manage your course
  • Assignment Scaffolding: WikiEdu has a tool to scaffold assignment with course schedule


  • Consultation: CTLT, UBC Library or Faculty Support provides consultation on how you want to integrate wiki to your course
  • One on One Support: Trouble with Wiki? Drop by at the LT hub (
  • Workshops: CTLT and UBC Library facilitates workshops on open practice in wiki