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Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC)Canleaf.gif

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)Canleaf.gif

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is the national professional association representing almost 10,000 members.

Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists Canleaf.gif

Located in Ottawa.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is a national professional organization representing more than 66,000 members.

World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)

A non-profit organization, founded in 1951, representing 250,000 physical therapists around the world. WCPT is a confederation of national physical therapy associations. Canada was one of 11 founding members.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) is a professional body and trade union for 45,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants.

Colleges - [Regulatory Bodies]

College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia - CPTBC Canleaf.gif

The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC) is a not-for-profit organization responsible for regulating the practice of physical therapists in the public interest.

Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators Canleaf.gif

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators administers the Physiotherapy National Examination (PNE) to determine that a minimal entry-level standard has been acquired by physiotherapists before granting them a license to practice physiotherapy in a province of Canada.

Digital Libraries


Started in October 1999, free online resource; bibliography and abstract for 350 systematic reviews and 2,400 randomized controlled trials in physiotherapy.

Physical Therapy Web Space

Articles, forums, jobs, journals, conditions, etc. on physiotherapy aimed at professionals, students, and the public.