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Self Managed[edit | edit source]

The following plugins are available for you to activate and deactivate. You need to follow these steps.

  1. Login to your site
  2. Go to Dashboard -> Tools -> Plugins
  3. Activate or Deactivate the desired plugin

Add Meta Tags[edit | edit source]

Add basic meta tags and also Opengraph, Microdata, Twitter Cards and Dublin Core metadata to optimize your web site for better SEO.

by George Notaras | Visit plugin site

Add Multiple Users From Network[edit | edit source]

Choose the site from where you want to add users from; useful for site migration since you no longer need to add the user by email and then wait for her/him to click a link confirming the invite.

By Enej, CTLT-dev

Author Avatars List[edit | edit source]

Display lists of user avatars using widgets or shortcodes.

By Paul Bearne, Benedikt Forchhammer | Visit plugin site

Content Scheduler[edit | edit source]

has been removed

Set Posts and Pages to automatically expire. Upon expiration, delete, change categories, status, or unstick posts. Also notify admin and author of expiration.

By Paul Kaiser | Visit plugin site

Custom CSS[edit | edit source]

Lets you add custom css to your web site

By CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Custom CSS Meta Box[edit | edit source]

Abiliy to place custom CSS on individual pages and posts. Once enabled a custom text box will apear on page and post write panels and the custom CSS will be written in the Head of the HTML document.

by CTLT Dev

Custom JavaScript Meta Box[edit | edit source]

Abiliy to place custom JavaScript on individual pages and posts. Once enabled a custom text box will apear on page and post write panels and the custom JavaScript will be written at the bottom of the HTML document.

by CTLT Dev

Easy FancyBox[edit | edit source]

Easily enable the FancyBox jQuery extension on all image, SWF, PDF, YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo links. Also supports iFrame and inline content.

By RavanH | Visit plugin site

Enable Media Replace[edit | edit source]

Enable replacing media files by uploading a new file in the "Edit Media" section of the WordPress Media Library.

By Mans Jonasson | Visit plugin site

Evaluate[edit | edit source]

Evaluate is a wordpress plugin that adds options for user interaction to your site. You can create metrics for users or admins to rate content on your site. Such as Likes, Up/Down Votes, 5-Star ratings and polls.

By Enej Bajgoric / Devindra Payment / CTLT | Visit plugin site

Event Organiser[edit | edit source]

Creates a custom post type 'events' with features such as reoccurring events, venues, Google Maps, calendar views and events and venue pages

Version 2.7.5 by Stephen Harris | Visit plugin site

Feed Cache[edit | edit source]

This plugin allows administrator of a WordPress site to set the RSS feed cache duration.


Feed Key Generator[edit | edit source]

has been removed

Protect feeds of private sites/blogs with feed keys.

By Aleksandar Arsovski / CTLT Dev | Visit plugin site

Full Width CLF[edit | edit source]

Full Width of CLF 7.0 as according to UBC CLF requirements. Once activated, alignment options available in Theme Options

by Michael Kam

Global Javascript[edit | edit source]

Allows the creation and editing of Javascript on Wordpress powered sites

by Julien Law, CTLT

Google Analytics for WordPress[edit | edit source]

has been removed, replaced by mu-enabled version - Settings->Google Analytics

Track your WordPress site easily and with lots of metadata: views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.

By joostdevalk | Visit plugin site

Gravity Forms[edit | edit source]

Easily create web forms and manage form entries within the WordPress admin.

By Rocketgenius Inc. | Visit plugin site

Gravity Forms Mass Import[edit | edit source]

Allows mass import of form entries derived from CSV files.

By Aryan Duntley | Visit plugin site

History Tracker[edit | edit source]

Tracks the history the users visit and displays it to them, like a browsing history

By CTLT Dev | Visit plugin site

Logged in AND Logged out Shortcodes[edit | edit source]

Adds the ability to display content specifically to loggedin users and loggedout users

by UBC CMS, Enej

Loop Shortcode[edit | edit source]

A [loop] shortcode plugin.


Kimili Flash Embed[edit | edit source]

Provides a full Wordpress interface for SWFObject - the best way to embed Flash on your site.

By Michael Bester | Visit plugin site

Mail From[edit | edit source]

Change the default address that WordPress sends it's email from.

By Andrew Hamilton | Visit plugin site

MCE Table Buttons[edit | edit source]

Add buttons for table editing to the WordPress WYSIWYG editor with this very light weight plug-in.

By Jake Goldman | Visit plugin site

Moderation Notify Author[edit | edit source]

Activate this plugin to automatically notify the author of a comment moderation request (in addition to the admin of the blog). Based on the plugin by Mark Ghosh

By Ajay D'Souza | Visit plugin site

More Template Tag Shortcodes[edit | edit source]

Adds even more simple shortcode that can be used in posts and pages


No HTML TinyMCE[edit | edit source]

Plugin to hide Visual/HTML Tab for Pages/Posts WYSIWYG (TinyMCE) for all roles except administrator.


Page Links To[edit | edit source]

Allows you to point WordPress pages or posts to a URL of your choosing. Good for setting up navigational links to non-WP sections of your site or to off-site resources.

by Mark Jaquith | Visit plugin site

People Lists[edit | edit source]

Plugin providing a rich text editor on the profile page for easy modifications of specific user profile.

By Gagan Sandhu / Enej Bajgoric / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Portfolio Slideshow[edit | edit source]

A shortcode that inserts a clean and simple jQuery + cycle powered slideshow of all image attachments on a post or page. Use shortcode [portfolio_slideshow] to activate.

By Dalton Rooney | Visit plugin site

Profile CCT[edit | edit source]

This plugin allows for management of advanced user profiles with a lot of customizability. A successor to People Lists.

By Enej Bajgoric / Devindra Payment / Eric Jackish / Aleksandar Arsovski / CTLT | Visit plugin site

Pulse CPT[edit | edit source]

Enables a widget that allows comments (called pulses) to be posted on any page of the site. Integrates with Stream, Evaluate, and Co Author+ to bring additional functionality to the comment stream.

By Enej Bajgoric / Devindra Payment / CTLT | Visit plugin site

Query Multiple Taxonomies[edit | edit source]

Filter posts through multiple custom taxonomies using a widget.

by scribu | Visit plugin site

Query Multiple Taxonomies Shortcode[edit | edit source]

A shortcode for the Query Multiple Taxonomies Plugin developed by Cristi Burcă (scribu)

by ctlt

Redirection[edit | edit source]

Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors

by John Godley | Visit plugin site

Sharedaddy[edit | edit source]

has been removed as it was absorbed into Jetpack

The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs.

By Automattic, Inc. | Visit plugin site

Strictly TweetBot[edit | edit source]

Allows you to post messages to multiple twitter accounts when new articles are added. Options to reformat the messages and use post tags and categories as hash tags automatically.

By Rob Reid | Visit plugin site

Subscribe To Comments[edit | edit source]

Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry. Based on version 1 from Scriptygoddess

By Mark Jaquith | Visit plugin site

Tag Drop Down List Shortcode[edit | edit source]

This plugin creates the shortcode [dropdown_tag_list] for generating a tag dropdown list. No parameter is necessary.

By Michael Ha / CTLT DEV

Text Hover[edit | edit source]

Add hover text to regular text in posts. Handy for providing explanations of names, terms, phrases, and acronyms mentioned in posts/pages.

By coffee2code | Visit plugin site

TinyMCE Advanced[edit | edit source]

Enables advanced features and plugins in TinyMCE, the visual editor in WordPress.

By Andrew Ozz | Visit plugin site

Twitter Tracker[edit | edit source]

Tracks the search results on Twitter search in a sidebar widget.

By Simon Wheatley | Visit plugin site

UBC CLF Whitney webfont[edit | edit source]

Add CLF Whitney webfont CSS request. Note: Required registration. Please sign up on UBC Brand website.

By Michael Kam

UBC Courses[edit | edit source]

Allows your site to use to list UBC Courses and sections with data from UBC Calendar.

By multiple | Visit plugin site

Use Google Libraries[edit | edit source]

Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google's AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress's own copies.

By jczorkmid | Visit plugin site

Viper's Video Quicktags[edit | edit source]

Easily embed videos from various video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo into your posts.

By Viper007Bond | Visit plugin site

WP Dash Message[edit | edit source]

Add a welcome message dashboard widget and remove any WordPress dashboard widgets with this plugin.

Aleksandar Arsovski / Enej Bajgoric / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

WP-PageNavi[edit | edit source]

Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog

By Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan & scribu | Visit plugin site

WP-reCAPTCHA[edit | edit source]

Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam solutions with wordpress

By Jorge Peña | Visit plugin site

CMS Managed[edit | edit source]

There are also a few plugins that we don't let users enabled themselves. Please get in touch with us to have us enable them for you.

BU Navigation[edit | edit source]

Robust tools for managing hierarchical page content in WordPress. Ideal for blogs with large page counts.

By ntk, mgburns, Gregory Cornelius, J. Tyler Wiest | Visit Plugin site

BU Section Editing[edit | edit source]

Allows for group permissions and creating page specific permissions. Requires BU Navigation to apply groups permissions to hierarchical content(pages).

By mgburns and Gregory Cornelius | Visit plugin site

Cookie Redirect[edit | edit source]

Helps you redirect users to a particular place by setting the appropriate cookies.


Display Links by Category[edit | edit source]

A simple shortcode plugin for displaying links by category through custom fields.

By Aleksandar Arsovski / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

FeedWordPress[edit | edit source]

simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress

by Charles Johnson | Visit plugin site

Gravity Forms for Editor[edit | edit source]

Enabling Gravity Forms for Editor

By Michael Ha

Subscribe2[edit | edit source]

Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.

By MattyRob, Skippy, RavanH | Visit plugin site

WP-Poll[edit | edit source]

Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog/site. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress's post/page.

By GamerZ | Visit plugin site

WP-Table Reloaded[edit | edit source]

  • This plugin has been deprecated

WP-Table Reloaded enables you to create and manage tables, without having to write HTML code, and it adds valuable functions for your visitors.

By TobiasBg | Visit plugin site

TablePress[edit | edit source]

TablePress is the successor to WP-Table Reloaded it has been rewritten to be faster and easier to use. TablePress enables you to create and manage tables, without having to write HTML code, and it adds valuable functions for your visitors.

By TobiasBg | Visit plugin site

Also available is the DataTables TableTools extension. This extension adds the ability add buttons for each table to copy, print, save as csv, excel or print.

By TobiasBg | Visit the extension site

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