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Last year, Video Game Law was the very first course at UBC to issue digital icons to students. These digital icons are known as badges, and are issued to students upon completion of specific elements of their coursework. There are five main badges you can earn: Guild, Scholar, Advocate, and Quest de Integro Ludus.

  • The Guild badge is earned by naming and writing an origin story for your Guild (group.)
  • The "Scribe" badge is given to the student who is willing to post group work to the website.
  • The Scholar badge requires you to summarize legal papers as well as articles from other disciplines.
  • The Advocate badge involves putting forward an argument for reforming a particular law.

You can view the requirements for earning the Video Game Law badges here: The Quest

To earn the "Guild", "Scribe", Scholar, and Advocate badge, the submission process involves some technical steps– you’ll have to write the content in the UBC wiki, embed your wiki content in the Video Game Law website, and then submit the website page to your instructor. Those technical steps are explained in detail in Using the Wiki.

Video Game Law Badge Pathway - Quest De Integro Ludus

How do I Save and Share my Digital Badge?

The badges you earn in Video Game Law can be shared and posted to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These badges are designed so that someone looking at your social media page can click the badge and cause a pop-up to appear with contextualizing information about the badge. This contextualizing information is known as badge metadata, and includes who issued the badge, who earned it, and what they had to do to earn it.

The following guides will help you learn how to claim and share your badges: