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Most recently approved solutions

MATH104, December 2015
Question 05 (b)
(November 19, 2016)
MATH104, December 2015
Question 10 (d)
(November 18, 2016)
MATH104, December 2015
Question 09
(November 18, 2016)
MATH104, December 2015
Question 11
(November 18, 2016)
MATH104, December 2015
Question 03 (c)
(November 17, 2016)

Resources by Course

This is the workspace for contributors to the Math Exam Resources wiki at UBC. To get involved, contact one of the committee members listed below and see our new Contributors Guide for instructions and resources.

Current Projects and Updates

Current exams in progress

Below are all exams with work in progress


December 2015 - 30%


December 2014 - 91%

December 2010 - 20%

April 2012 - -


April 2006 - 21%

April 2005 - 47%


December 2014 - 98%


April 2009 - 33%


April 2014 - 0%


December 2013 - 12%

December 2012 - 39%


December 2007 - 1%

April 2014 - 24%

April 2013 - 5%

April 2012 - -


December 2005 - -

April 2009 - -

April 2008 - -


December 2009 - 42%

December 2008 - 70%

December 2007 - 34%

April 2010 - 45%

April 2009 - 54%

April 2008 - 6%


December 2013 - 0%

December 2012 - 71%

December 2006 - 26%

December 2005 - 39%

April 2013 - 56%

April 2012 - 45%

April 2010 - 22%

April 2009 - 27%

April 2006 - 43%

April 2005 - 17%

Most recent question that was moved over: 2212007WT2(sec201) Q6 @539 (We're back to normal now - thanks Bernhard!)

Notes: Lots of 221 have been moved now! We've moved all of 307!!!

Everything @860 and over has been moved (Many are for midterms) With the exception of the problem* listed below. Only <400 more to go =)

April 2013 is done just needs hints and checking (I think the answers are in the exam file as well).

December 2012 is missing 5b-d, hints, and review.

April 2012 misses 6 parts of problems. Hints needed as well but Piazza content is done.

April 2006 exam is off Piazza. It needs hints and 5 more solutions (one is a 4 part problem).

Problem: Which question does @43 belong to? It does not seem to be 2005 WT1 Q2 as claimed...

Problem*: Where is this 2013 WT2 Final exam they speak of? Eg. @915? Same with @326-@339


December 2013 - 27%

December 2010 - 96%

December 2008 - 81%

December 2005 - 70%


December 2011 - 70%

December 2006 - 70%



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RQ flags 178 review an exam question statement.
RH flags 119 review hints.
RS flags 304 review solutions.
QBQ flags 0 improve the statement of an exam question reviewed as bad.
QBH flags 9 improve the hint(s) of an exam question reviewed as bad.
QBS flags 12 improve the solution(s) of an exam question reviewed as bad.

So far we have collected a total of 2828 good quality solutions, and counting :). We also have 62 complete exams, 5242 total easiness votes and total pageviews of the main page.

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Current Organizing Committee and Contributors (edit)

Contact email: Mer-wiki-email.png

Contributors (After September 2015):

Math 100/180
Differential Calculus with Applications
to Physical Sciences and Engineering

Math 101
Integral Calculus with Applications
to Physical Sciences and Engineering

Math 102
Differential Calculus with Applications
to Life Sciences

Math 103
Integral Calculus with Applications
to Life Sciences

Math 104/184
Differential Calculus with Applications
to Commerce and Social Sciences

Math 105
Integral Calculus with Applications
to Commerce and Social Sciences

Math 110
Differential Calculus
Math 152
Linear Systems
Math 200
Multivariable Calculus
Math 215
Elementary Differential Equations I
Math 220
Mathematical Proof
Math 221
Matrix Algebra
Math 253
Multivariable Calculus
Math 257
Partial Differential Equations
Math 307
Applied Linear Algebra
Math 312
Introduction to Number Theory
Math 437/537
Elementary Number Theory

Resources by Topic

  • Caution is needed when working through problems on the same topic from a different course. While problems are often applicable cross-courses, sometimes questions from a particular course require a technique that was not covered in another course, even though both courses covered the same general topic.


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