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Course reserves are learning materials made available by your course instructor. They may include electronic articles, books and DVDs and even websites.

  • Many course reserves are electronic but some materials are only available at the Library.
  • Non-electronic items are made available for a shortened loan period to ensure access for all students.

Getting Started

1. Log into Connect


2. Click on Library in the top right navigation

LOCR - Library Tab.png

3. Click on the desired course under Courses

LOCR - Student Course List.png

Viewing Course Reserve Items

Your list of course readings is in the order submitted by your course instructor. The item list include Title, Format, Author, Call Number (if on physical reserve at your library branch), Pages, Availability Date and Tags. If you've already clicked to access a resource, you will see a Yes under the Read column.

The Search box will allow you to quickly filter down by Title, Author or Instructor Tag.

If your instructor is making use of the required reading feature, you will notice a LOCR - Student Required.png to the left of your reading

Clicking on any title will take you to a record with further information about an item. You can connect to electronic items from this page or link to the item record to see if it is available at your library branch.

LOCR - Student Item List.png

The Item record window will include a View Item button that will launch to the library record or download a PDF. If your instructor has left special notes on your item, they will appear on this screen.

LOCR - Student Item Record.png

Format Types

LOCR - Student Book Icon.png
Article: This will open to an electronic journal article available through the Library. If an article is available in multiple databases, you may be asked to select one.
LOCR - Student Book.png
Book: This is a physical book available in your library branch. The item record will open to a catalogue record with the call number and branch.
LOCR - Student Chapter.png
PDF Chapter: This is a scanned PDF from a Library resource. The PDF will download automatically to your desktop.
LOCR - Student File Upload.png
PDF Upload: This is a PDF uploaded by your instructor. The PDF will download automatically to your desktop.
LOCR - Student Web.png
Web Resource: This is a hyperlink to a website on the internet. The resource will link to a resource outside of UBC.
LOCR - Student Media.png
DVD/CD/Media: This will link to a catalogue record for a DVD or CD available through the library or an online streaming media resource available through the library.
LOCR - Student Physical.png
Physical Item: This is is physical item placed on reserve by your instructor for your course.


Error Messages

If you encounter any errors accessing a library resource, it is possible that an electronic resource is unavailable. Please contact your Library Course Reserve branch immediately for assistance.

I can't see my course under the Courses list under the Library tab

You must be enrolled in a course to see it under the courses list under the Library tab. Please make sure that you are properly enrolled in your course or contact your instructor to have them add you. If you have recently been added to your course, please allow one night for course reserves to update with your enrolment information.