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The UBC Anime Club is a social leisure and hobby club located at the University of British Columbia. The primary objective of the club is to connect members of the UBC community who have a shared interest in anime. The club holds weekly showings + activities between 17:00 - 22:00 on Friday in Buchanan A104. Larger events are held throughout the year, including dances, a cosplay cafe, and collaborations with other organizations across Vancouver such as the SFU Anime Club and the BCIT Anime Club.



The club was founded in 1996, and has continued operating to this day. The club office was previously located in the Student Union Building and is now situated in room 3206C in the AMS Student Nest.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are:

Membership Benefits

Members of the UBC Anime Club may borrow from our library - a collection of dozens of series' collected over the years plus a few popular light novels. They will also get exclusive discounts from club sponsors and reduced event rates.

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