forum 9: week of 12 March: Fisher and the design of experiments

Fragment of a discussion from Course talk:Phil440A
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In your presentation, may you discuss Sir Ronald A. Fisher’s, page 12, first sentence under the heading 6. Interpretation and its Reasoned Basis: “In considering the appropriateness of any proposed experimental design, it is always needful to forecast all possible results of the experiment, and to have decided without ambiguity what interpretation shall be placed upon each one of them.” How does this statement include experimentation to learn experimental development results, or new theory. Also of interest is your discussion of the concept of Null Hypothesis, and its purpose.

May you include in your presentation the Boeing Advanced Quality System Tools manual:

Your discussion of Section 1.17, pages 208 to 214 [pages 211 to 218 in the pdf copy], on Statistically Designed Experiments, and any other Boeing content you would like to relate to Sir Ronald Fisher’s The design of Experiments will be appreciated.

05:53, 12 March 2012