This is the template page for the Infobox New Course.



This template is a general infobox for courses on the UBC Wiki. This template is automatically called when using the course inputbox is used on the create a new page article. Please note: Since this infobox is used on a variety of different course pages, it is not editable. If you would like to customize the infobox for your course, copy and paste the infobox code to a new template page and edit as desired.

How to use

To include an Infobox New Course in your article, copy and paste the following code onto your page. Then, fill in values for the appropriate parameters.

|subject code=
|course number=
|section number=
|instructor 2=
|instructor 3=
|instructor 4=
|instructor 5=
|office hours=


Infobox Parameters:


Sample Course Page
Canadian Money.jpg
ABCD 123
Section: 01
Instructor: Novak Rogers
Scott Miller
Enej Baggins
Michael Hartly
Office: IKBC 23
Office Hours: Mon-Wed: 9am to 5pm

Thurs-Fri:4pm to 5pm

Class Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thurs 8am to 11am
Classroom: IKBC 43
Important Course Pages
Lecture Notes
Course Discussion