Africans in America / by Ayanna Hart and Earl Spangler.



This non-fiction book begins with a brief description of the ancient civilizations of Africa, including information about the prevalence of slavery prior to the arrival of the Europeans in Africa. After the arrival of the Europeans, the book discusses how slavery changed as people were commodified. From he early 1500s to the mid-1800s, 6% of African people who were enslaved were sent to North America. This book focuses on the struggles of African-Americans, tracing the progression of attitudes about slavery that are reflected in regional laws and practices of each time period. Eventually, differences amongst Americans led to the Civil War. After the Civil War, Africans were freed but continued to face racism and persecution. Today, some Africans still do not enjoy the same privileges as other Americans, but they continue to make great strides in many areas. The significant contributions of some African-Americans are highlighted and celebrated. The book contains eight chapters, a table of contents, and an index. Each chapter is broken into several sections that contain subheadings. There are black and white illustrations and photographs throughout the book, a minimum of one illustration or photograph on every two-page spread. There is also a black and white map of modern-day Africa at the beginning of the book.


African Americans, Africans, America, Civil rights, History, Indexes, Influence, Slaves

Reading Levels

Ages 12 - 14 / Grades 7 - 9

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